Game Development Resources

A few years ago when I first started getting serious about game development, I quickly became overwhelmed with the vast amount of possible directions to go. Eventually I settled on Flash, but recently I’ve started to diversify and begun to play around with other avenues. I still mainly develop games in Flash, but now there’s also XNA, iPhone, etc… the list is growing and becoming unwieldy, and I’ve found myself forgetting on which sites I found resources for this or that development process. So, I decided to make a page dedicated to unifying these resources in one place. Hope this helps all of you aspiring game developers out there (and maybe even some of the veterans, too)! I’ll provide more descriptions on the sites later, but for now I just wanted to get them on this page.


  • – excellent for everything you need to know about Actionscript, lots of tutorials as well
  • – wonderful site for tons of Flash games, they also have a fantastic revenue share model if you upload games and a great API to integrate high scores and statistics
  • – lots of great Flash game development tutorials
  • – super awesome 2D Flash physics engine – a whole bunch of games have been made using this and it’s great!
  • – very cool Flash 3D engine, easy to use and tons of tutorials/examples exist on the internet already
  • – nifty 3D Flash engine – I haven’t actually played with this much but it seems promising, need to do some more stuff with it before I can decide




  • – very cool for game development, rivals Flash in awesomeness, but you can only make games if you have a Mac (there is no PC dev kit)