Really Cool Game About Diversity

Most of the time, games for learning do a terrible job of being fun and fall flat on their face. But every now and then a gem appears that really teaches you something powerful, and it does it in a way that would otherwise not be possible without the interactivity of a game system. A co-worker of mine just shot out this really cool link for a game that teaches us some very powerful lessons on diversity:

Parable of the Polygons (

Here’s a brief summary of what it teaches: Small individual biases can lead to a large collective bias, and it takes effort rather than simply tolerating the status quo to be able to make real change happen. The simulation is based off of the work Thomas Schelling did to demonstrate racial segregation patterns, though it can be applied to any kind of diversity. If that interests you, take 10 min and play with the simulations on the page.

Hope you enjoy it and learn as much as I did! :)

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