Steam Christmas Game Sale

So League of Legends has obsessed my life since I got hired by Riot Games back in May 2010. I’ve been pretty remiss in my game playing lately, pretty much exclusively playing LoL and not really exploring any other games or even paying that much attention to what games have been coming out. In my defense, League of Legends is a really addictive game and I’m also on a high right now from having started to work at Riot. But what better way to bring in the new year than with a ton of new games to play? So, I made it my new year’s resolution to play a bunch of other games in addition to League of Legends.

Starting December 20th and ending tomorrow, January 2nd, Steam has had a crapload of games on sale. Pretty much their entire collection is slashed anywhere from 25-90% off. This was a little bit of a wake up call to me as I saw a whole bunch of games I’ve been meaning to play at some point but put off due to League of Legends. I strongly recommend to all of you to peruse what’s available as they have something for everyone. The Indie packs were particularly cool – you can get 5 indie games for $5. Not a bad deal! Here’s the list of games I purchased:

That’s 23 (EDIT: Now 25) games that I bought, everything from triple-A studio titles to indie horror games to casual puzzle games you can beat in 2 hours. How much did I pay? Grand total just under $84 (EDIT: Now $99). Yes that’s right, $84, or for you math majors, less than $4 per game on average. Holy bargain bin, Batman!!!

Anyway, go hit it up while you can. The sale ends tomorrow!!!

I’ll be posting reviews of these games as I finish them. Until then… Happy new year!!!

EDIT: I bought Team Fortress 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2 Platinum as well, bringing the total to just under $100. Still an amazing deal, as I have some huge titles on there as well as a ton of indie/casual/smaller titles.

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