Some More C++ Resources

Hello all!

It’s been a while since I posted last. I’ve had a fantastic move to California to join Riot Games (will discuss more in future post) so I’ve been kind of busy. :)

Over the Christmas holiday, I decided it was time I finally teach myself C++ for real, in particular how to use DirectX. I had a class on it in college, but it was very introductory so I don’t think that will suit my purpose (plus I forgot a lot of it).

Here are two websites I just recently discovered. I’ve been going through the tutorials for the past couple days and they are quite good so far. I’ll do a more thorough analysis later.

Learn C++ (
DirectX Tutorial ( – Note that the DirectX 10 & 11 tutorials won’t apply to Windows XP, and DirectX 9 is just fine for just about everything you’d want to do probably, so stick with the DirectX 9 one.

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