Making A Game Company – Part 1: How To File An LLC in Georgia

Well, I’m officially incorporated. Amazing… After years of not doing it because I didn’t understand the process at all, I finally had a buddy boil it down to the very basics and walk through the process with me. Fruitstrike Games LLC was born on December 22, 2009! Hurray! Super kudos and thanks to my friend Ryan for helping me get this set up. I still don’t understand everything from a tax perspective, but I’m sure I’ll eventually figure it out.

Anyway, here is the detailed step-by-step process for anyone else who is interested in forming an LLC in Georgia. Amazingly enough, there’s only 16 incredibly easy steps that you could easily finish in under an hour. You’d think government bureaucracy would require more, but apparently creating an LLC is easier than creating a cheesecake…

STEP 1: Navigate to
STEP 2: Hover over the button “Online Services and Registration”, then in the drop down menu click the link “File Your Corporation Online” (it’s a little more than halfway down the list)
STEP 3: Select the “Limited Liability Company” radio button and press “GO”
STEP 4: Choose a name for your company (you have to include “LLC” or something similar in the name, it lists the possibilities in the instructions for that step). You can skip over the second part that says “Name Reservation Number” since that isn’t applicable.
STEP 5: Fill out the Filer Information with all of your information. I’ll assume you can do this since it’s nothing you haven’t done on or some other online store. :)
STEP 6: Fill out the principle mailing address. 99% of the time this is going to be the same address that you put in Step 5 if you are a freelancer working out of your own home.
STEP 7: Select “Individual” from the drop down list.
STEP 8: Type in your name, and press “Add New”
STEP 9: Fill in your information AGAIN. Make sure it’s YOUR information as an individual, and not the company address if you had a different address for Step 6.
STEP 10: Fill in your information YET AGAIN!!! You are both the Registered Agent and the LLC Organizer.
STEP 11: You should see a chart with your info on it. If you have partners or other people who are involved, you’d need to add them at this step, but you probably don’t so simply click “Save & Proceed >”
STEP 12: I don’t even know what an Optional Provision is, so don’t type anything in the next page’s box and simply click “Save & Proceed >”
STEP 13: Double check all your info, then press “Continue”
STEP 14: Click the checkbox to verify everything is true and correct, then click “Add Signature”
STEP 15: Change your title to “Member/Manager” and put your info in again
STEP 16: Put in your credit card info to pay the $100 filing fee. Again, I’m assuming you can handle this step without hand-holding since you’ve probably done this on Amazon before. :)

That’s it! Save every PDF you get (you should get an Invoice from the GA state government for the filing fee and another PDF with “Articles of Organization” on the top). A few days later (or maybe longer) in email you will receive your Certificate of Organization. Make sure you save that too! This might be a good time for you to secure whatever domain names you would like as well. Remember to nab the .com, .org, and .net versions of them if you can afford it. If you can’t, just grab the .com version.

As I learn more things about this process, I’ll be making more blog posts. Hope this was helpful!

2 Responses to “Making A Game Company – Part 1: How To File An LLC in Georgia”

  1. Scottae says:

    Any reason you chose an LLC versus some other type of corporation (like S-corp)?

  2. gskleres says:

    It was mostly based on the advice that I got. I am not good with business stuff or tax stuff, so I am going with the easiest one to do that still gives me liability protection. While you can potentially save on taxes with S-Corp over LLC, it is generally a much easier process overall to use LLC. The forms and requirements are simpler.

    That link summarizes it much better than I can. And I also learned apparently you can file for taxes as an S-Corp even if you are an LLC. How fun! :)

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